JYKDOK - Paying online

Paying your fines and fees online

You can pay your library fees via Finnish online banks, MobilePay or by using credit cards..

  • Minimum payment is €3.
  • When paying online, you have to pay the whole amount. You cannot change the amount.

Renewing loans is not possible if your fees are € 10 or more. You may renew your loans after paying fees. If you cannot renew your loans because a request, fines will be collected until you return your loans.

Please note! If you have been invoiced for overdue loans, you cannot pay the invoice online. However, you are able to pay online overdue fines and invoicing charge €10. See more information on loan returns and invoicing.

More information on library fees can be found in the price list.

Paying online step by step:

  • Login to JYKDOK. Please note! If you login with your university user account, you need to connect your library card to your university credentials, if you have not done it already. After that, fees will appear in your account.
  • Choose Fines tab.
  • Select Pay online and follow instructions on screen.
  • After you have paid your fees, please return to JYKDOK so that the payment will be registered to the library system without a delay.

Please contact the Library if you need help: tel. 040 8053803,

Paying at the Library

You can also pay your fees at the service point of the library by bankcard or the most credit cards. We don't accept cash!