JYKDOK help – Login and My account


Login to JYKDOK if you want to manage your personal account details, loans, payments and reservation transactions, renew your loans, or place reservations. When logged in, you can save your searches and favourites for later use. JU students and staff can also use library e-materials from off campus with their own user accounts.

Click on Login to log into JYKDOK using either your library card or user account.

Login with library card

  • library barcode = barcode on your library card without spaces
  • password = your personal password is added when you activate your library card in the library. Note! It must be alphanumeric (no special characters and symbols) and between 4 and 12 characters long. It is also case sensitive.
  • If you forget your password you can get a new one by visiting the library service point in person or by asking the library to email it to you.

Login with JU user account (Haka Authentication)

  • Enter your User name and Password.
  • Note! Jotta pääset haka-tunnuksilla Omaan tiliisi JYKDOKissa, liitä kirjastokorttisi tiedot tunnuksiisi sivun ylälaidan kohdasta Kirjastokortti: Lisää
  • The next time you log into your personal account you can do it either with your library card or with Haka authentication.

When you leave the computer, end your session by clicking on Logout next to your name.

My account

Clicking on My account under your name you can access your personal tabs: Profile, Checked out items/Renewing, Hold and requests, Fines, Library cards, Favourites, and Saved searches.


Finna settings

  • you can update the email address you use in JYKDOK. NOTE! Also remember to inform the library of changes in email address.
  • you can submit a request for an extra notice of loans that will become overdue.
  • you can choose the library you primarily use.

Patron information maintained by the library

  • you have access to your personal details in JYKDOK patron register: name, address, email address, phone number, patron statistical category, and (if it were the case) a suspension of borrowing rights
  • Note! This patron information can only be corrected or changed at the library service points

Changing password/PIN code

  • You can change your PIN code.
  • If you have forgotten your PIN code you can get a new one by visiting the library service point in person or by asking the library to send it to you by email.

Checked out items / Renewals

  • Your checked out items are shown on the page arranged by the due date.
  • Loans that are due soon are accompanied by a yellow notice.
  • Loans that are due are accompanied by a red notice.
  • You can renew your loans by checking the boxes beside items and clicking on Renew selected items.
  • You can renew your loans all at once by checking the box at the list top and clicking on Renew all items. All the renewable loans will be renewed.
  • NOTE! There is no check box if the loan is not renewable. It means that there is a request for the item, or the number of renewals has reached the limit (e.g. Renewed 1/1). A suspension of borrowing rights can also prevent renewing loans.
  • Jos lainaa ei voi uusia (kaikki uusintakerrat on käytetty tai julkaisuun on varaus), lainan edessä on teksti Ei voi uusia.

Holds and requests

Click on Holds and Requests tab to see your pending holds or stack requests.

Clicking on Place a request on the title for a book that is on loan

  • you will receive a notice that your request was successful, or a reason why it was not successful. For example, requesting a book is not possible because your borrowing rights have been suspended.
  • At My account you can check your place in the hold queue.
  • When the item has been returned, you will be notified by email. At My account you can see the final date the book is available for pickup, eg. when the hold expires.

When you place a request clicking on Place stack retrieval request, you can follow the processing of your request at My account:

  • When the request is being processed, the date of creating the request is shown next to the title
  • You will receive an email notification when the request has been processed and the book is ready for you to collect. At My account you can check the pickup location and the expiring date by which the book must be checked out from the library.

You can check your hold and/or stack requests and cancel them by clicking Cancel selected holds or Cancel all holds.

  • You will receive either a notification that cancelling the request was successful or a reason why it failed.
  • Cancelled requests remain visible at My account for a few days.


  • Click on Fines tab to see the fines you have incurred, i.e. how much there is to pay and why.
  • Fines exceeding 10 euros will result in suspension of borrowing rights until you pay the required fees.
  • You can pay the fines at the library service points or ask for a bank account number to pay online.

Library cards

Clicking on Add on the Library cards tab you can save the details of several library cards (name of the library, library card number, password/PIN).


  • You can add the searched literature references to your own favourites by clicking on pin symbol
  • Refrences are first saved in My favourites where you can move or copy them to the list of your choice.
  • At My favourites tab you can
    • sort your references by title, author, date, or format and add to them keywords and notes (Edit)
    • create and remove your own public or private Favourites lists.
    • name the lists as you like and move their contents from one list to another.

    Saved searches

    • All searches you carried out are saved for the time of the session at Saved searches tab at Your recent searches.
    • To store important references separately click on Save next to the reference. After closing the session, you will find the references at Saved searches.
    • You can delete search results or empty the whole search history by clicking on x -icon under the Delete -headline.
    • If you wish, Alerts service offers you new references daily or weekly, based on criteria provided by you. The results will be delivered to your email.